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Canet Valette

In vino veritas? If only we could get back to that, and stop mucking up the world, our culture and above all our winegrowing with an ocean of lies and half-truths. Always more ostentation, more business, more dollars…

Always fewer paysans, less sincerity and fewer good glasses to drink…If only we could get back to the fundamentals.

To that drink which springs from our roots, runs in our veins and in so many of our vigneron friends, who reject off-the-peg thinking, off-the-peg buying, marketing and speculation.

That’s been our philosophy at Canet-Valette since 1992: good meals, good friendship, good bottles uncorked, and the clink of glasses at apéro time. Life, our life, “real life”…

It’s a rugged region, but generous, distrusting showiness. It’s a land of vines, rocks and rugby, where you don’t put on airs and graces. Here at Cessenon-sur-Orb, at the gateway to the Parc Naturel du Haut-Languedoc, it’s the garrigue, the mountains and the wind which hold sway. Our wines are simply their children, witnesses of a quiet culture with a spirit independent of fashion and trends. The wines are part and parcel of this land – authentic. For, what’s the point of terroir unless you’ve felt its rhythm and become one with it? If you haven’t loved and suffered with it?

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This is obviously the heart of the story. Here at home, at Canet-Valette, we are not the type to talk about it for hours before tasting it. The truth is obviously at the bottom of the glass… But if all our bottles have one thing in common, beyond their character, their aromatic concentration, it may be this finesse, immediate, premium in Antonyme or Ivresses, evident in aging with Une et Mille Nuits and Maghani, a finesse born from the terroir and surely from the way of working it for almost twenty years

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