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Wine is obviously between friends, family and at the table! Here are a few recipes scattered here and there, recipes we like with house wines…

A divine spring recipe invented by our friend Bruno Cappellari, chef of the Harmonie restaurant in Sérignan. At your stove!


4 cooked pork feet
some fresh chopped herbs (chervil, chives, parsley…)
1 onion
1 garlic clove
300 g carrot
100 g clarified butter
12 sheets of filo pastry (or brick)
salt pepper
½ white cabbage
300 gr smoked belly (bacon)
jerez vinegar
nuts oil
pork juice (optional, but good…)

1 – Warm and boning the feet (by hand), cut into pieces, set aside in a bowl ,.
2 – Cut into a carrot (small dice) carrots, onion, garlic and cook them without coloring in a pan with hazelnut oil. Stir in the pork feet with the fine herbs.
3 – Mold the preparation in the form of a finger and wrap each of them in a sheet of buttered filo,
keep cold.
4 – Blanch the bacon, then fry in the hazelnut oil, deglaze with sherry vinegar and pour the boiling mixture over the finely chopped cabbage, adjust the seasoning.
5 – Fry the fingers in a clarified butter until brown.
6 – Serve with a vinaigrette made with 20 gr of vinegar, 60 gr of hazelnut oil and 40 gr of hot pork juice.

A superb fall recipe from Alsace, signed by Serge Knapp, chef of La Vignette at Roberstau (near Strasbourg) and La Chapelle in Geispolsheim.


For 4 people:

4 cakes of almost veal of around 160g.
4 thick slices of country bread.
8 cloves of garlic confit in olive oil (or duck fat)
1 green onion, flat parsley.
150 g burgundy porcini mushrooms
100 g chanterelles
200 g of death trumpets, chanterelles, monsoons etc.
8 small potatoes, cooked in dress, cut in half.
Possibly some cooked chestnuts.
15 cl of good roast juice.

Hollow out the slices of bread and replace the crumb with the lightly floured paving stones.
Fry gently in butter for 4 minutes on each side at the same time as the potatoes.
Place on a plate and keep warm. In the same pan, brown the porcini mushrooms with the cloves of candied garlic, then add the chanterelles and just before serving the rest of the mushrooms and parsley.
Coat the veal quasis with roast juice, arrange the mushrooms on top and sprinkle with chopped onion green or spring onion.

On this dish, Serge Knapp enjoys the Grenache of the Ivresses cuvée.


It is not a chef’s recipe but a wine merchant, Jean Pierre de l’Épicurien in St Mandé.

HELEN FRIED SARDINES Take fresh sardines. Remove the head of fresh sardines, empty them and open them in half. Remove the central edge. Soak them in the egg then the breadcrumbs (if you make it yourself, it will be even better!) And finally fry them.

Season as you see fit.

Serve them lukewarm or cold, as a meal or as an aperitif with a good rosé (when you make it…).

A very simple, Bordeaux recipe from the book La cuisine de La Tupiña by Jean-Pierre Xiradakis and Vincent Pousson. The authors advise to water it with a Maghani (preferably “old” …)


For 4 people
2 racks of suckling lamb
olive oil, salt, freshly ground pepper
The cook’s thing
before oiling them, you can rub your squares with half a lemon

Slit the meat lightly to form small squares, it’s nice but it’s also useful for cooking, because the skin
crisps better. Rub, by hand, with a little coarse salt and, perhaps, a sprig of thyme. Bake at 200 ° C;
the meat must be golden. Water from time to time – the best cooking is pink,
it takes barely 15 minutes – and leave to stand for 10 minutes, covered with aluminum foil.
Then cut the ribs and turn around the pepper mill.

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